Monday, April 7, 2014

Meal Plan Monday: 4/7-4/13/14

Wondering how or why to meal plan? Read this first. Wondering what all the letters (S, E, FP) mean after each meal? Check this out. I've also added page numbers if the recipe comes from the Trim Healthy Mama book.

I am so excited! The snow piles have finally melted enough for us to find our grill again. We are going to grill out twice this week to celebrate. My husband is a great on the grill and has missed doing it over the winter months. I can almost smell it now!

Here is what we'll be eating this week:

B - 0% Greek yogurt mixed with 1 t. Truvia and strawberries (FP)
L - leftover Bacon Cheeseburger soup (S)
S - handful of almonds and a cheese stick (S)
D - Egg Roll in a Bowl (S)

B - scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil with green peppers and onions and 2 pieces of bacon (S)
L - salad with hard-boiled egg, cheddar cheese and Ranch dressing (S)
S - 2% cottage cheese with strawberries (FP)
D - Crock Pot Chicken and Quinoa with steamed broccoli (E)

B - Reese Peanut Butter Cup shake (S)
L - Asian Lettuce wraps (E)
S - celery with peanut butter (S)
D - grilled chicken seasoned with Montreal Chicken seasoning with roasted vegetables (S)

B - Big Boy Smoothie (FP) pg. 242
L - leftover lettuce wraps (E)
S - Thin Mint Shake (S)
D - Chicken Bacon Chowder (S)

B - Apple Cinnamon yogurt swirl (E) pg. 250
L - leftover Chicken Bacon chowder (S)
S - (2) Wasa Light Rye crackers with 1 wedge of Lite Laughing Cow cheese (FP)
D - pizza casserole (S) pg. 327

B - Omelet with onions, green peppers and ham chunks (S)
L - Fotato soup (FP) pg. 294
S - popcorn (E)
D - taco salad with sour cream, cheddar cheese and salsa (S) pg. 347

B - Berritastic smoothie (S) pg. 248
L - grilled hamburger (no bun) with a side salad dressed with Ranch dressing (S)
S - baked grapefruit (E) pg. 379
D - Crock Pot TexMex lettuce wraps (E)

Have a great week and happy eating!!!


  1. Thank you so much! This is going to HELP me soooo much! I'm excited to mimic this plan!

  2. very VERY helpful for me too!!! THANK YOU <3

  3. I think you are my new best friend! :-) I am just starting out with THM and I need helpful guides like this. So, thank you so much for taking the time to help us out.

  4. Why are the Asian wraps and Tex Mex wraps an E meal?

  5. I'm adding some black beans to the text ex wraps. As for the Asian wraps, I'm not 100% sure but I think water chestnuts are higher in carbs. Plus I'm going to add more carrots and those are higher in carbs.