Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My 20 Favorite Soups ~ THM Style

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As fall is about to begin next month and the weather will begin to inevitably get cooler, I figured this was the perfect time to do a round up of all my favorite soups. Soups are one of my most favorite types of food to make because they are comforting, budget friendly, large enough to serve a crowd and/or have plenty of leftovers. Even if you don't follow the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) plan this list of soups is guaranteed to wow your friends and family.

I have been following the THM way of eating for over a year now. One of the comments I get most is "so you must eat about 1200 calories a day and feel totally deprived". Quite the opposite actually. I found countless recipes of completely satisfying, comforting and delicious foods. Over the past year I've tried many, many soup recipes because I simply love soup so much. Also, I find that soup is a great way to get an E meal in, yet still feel satisfied after eating it.

Here's my list of my 20 favorite soups:

I hope you and your family enjoy these soups as much we do!

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  2. So many good ones here - thanks for the links!

  3. Love soups. Do you have a recipe for using pumpkin in soup? I love that!