Sunday, March 23, 2014

Meal Plan Monday: 3/24-3/30/14

Wondering how or why to meal plan? Read this first. Wondering what all the letters (S, E, FP) mean after each meal? Check this out. I've also added page numbers if the recipe comes from the Trim Healthy Mama book.

I was doing so well following my meal plan last week and then I totally fell off the wagon this weekend. We celebrated my son's birthday, had some friends over and then there were left over cupcakes in my house. BAD NEWS!!! I've had enough cupcakes to last me a year. But I'm not going to beat myself up, tomorrow is a new day and I will just start again.

Here's what we'll be eating this week:

B - Apple Cinnamon Greek yogurt swirl (E) pg. 250
L - Loaded Fotato soup with cheddar cheese and bacon (S) pg. 294
D - Chicken stir-fry served over brown rice (E)
S - Celery with 2 T. peanut butter (S)

B - 2 Scrambled eggs with 2 pieces of bacon (S)
L - Buffalo chicken on a low-carb tortilla (I like La Banderita brand) with lettuce, celery and Ranch dressing and side of strawberries (S) pg. 324
D - Southwestern black bean casserole I'm going to use a little less cheese (E)
S - Popcorn (E)

B - 0% Greek yogurt sweetened with Truvia to taste and 2 T. peanut butter (S)
L - Loaded Fotato soup with a side of strawberries (FP)
D - No Tortilla Chiken Enchilada bake  (S) In the enchilada sauce you'll have to substitute the Splenda with a stevia based alternative. Add the stevia in 1 t. increments and check the taste as you go.
S - Chocolate peanut butter no-bake cookies (S)

B - Thin Mint Shake (S)
L - BLAT wraps (bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato on a low-carb tortilla) with side of mixed fresh berries (S)
D - Chicken Lo Mein (E) Use Dreamfields pasta in place of the whole wheat pasta.
S - 2 Wasa Light Rye crackers with a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese (FP)

B - Cheesecake shake (FP) I have not tried this with blueberries, but the strawberry version I made was great!
L - BLAT wraps with a side of fresh veggies (S)
D - Pizza casserole (S) pg. 327
S - Chocolate peanut butter no-bake cookies (S)

B - Apple Cinnamon Greek yogurt swirl (E) pg. 250
L - Leftover pizza casserole (S)
D - Kai Si Ming (S) pg. 331
S - 1/2 apple with handful of almonds (S)

B - Big Boy Smoothie (FP) pg. 242
L - Leftover Kai Si Ming (S)
D - Small Group at church ~ dish to be determined
S - Leftover smoothie from breakfast, it's too big for me all in one sitting (FP)

Have a great week and happy eating!!!

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  1. You are so creative and make it all sound delicious. I can't wait to visit and eat these wonderful dishes you prepare! :)